Nonprofit Directory

As a service to you, our fundholders, ACF makes the following list available. NOTE: Grants can be made to any nonprofit public charitable organization in good standing with the IRS. Nonprofits do NOT have to appear on this list to qualify for grants from your fund.

This list includes 501(c)3 nonprofits that have received a grant from ACF in the last three years. The organizations are Alaska-based with 501(c)3 nonprofit status with the IRS and meet the minimum requirements to receive grants from ACF.

You can scroll through the alphabetized list on the left or search by category on the right. Click on the organization name to see more information. When you find an organization to which you want to make a grant, highlight and copy the name of the organization, return to the Grant Recommendation page in the Community Donor portal for your fund. Paste the name of the organization into the Name field in the Search for other Grantees section of the page and click on SEARCH.

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